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As the world focuses more on time spent at home, there's been a significant revival of Biophilic Design - a design inspired by nature. Studies have show that directly accessing nature can alleviate feelings of stress so many business have been also incorporating this concept within their office spaces. Either way, there is a strong belief that individuals/employees are happier when directly connected to nature. Check out some elements you can incorporate within your office space or home to take on this new rising design style and brighten your mood.
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Biophilic Design | Nature Inspired Design

biophilic design - office space
Indeed offices in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Specht Architects

As the world focuses more on time spent at home, there’s been a significant revival of Biophilic Design – a design inspired by nature. Some studies even show that directly accessing nature can alleviate feelings of stress. This can be as easy as owning a house plant or as intricate as building nature-inspired shapes into your home’s infrastructure. Either way, there is a strong belief that they are happier when humans directly connect to nature.

“Biophilia” was coined by American biologist and researcher Edward O. Wilson. He describes biophilia as an affiliation or attraction to nature and natural processes. Biophilic design principles have several aspects. But essentially consist of bringing nature into the space or creating natural analogs to get the features of nature into an area, offering multi-sensory interactions.

Basically, people feel better when they have access to nature.

Design with Nature in Mind
schulte wellness nature based office space
Designed by Julie Werling, Revival Design Studio, in collaboration with Planthropy for Schulte Wellness.

Used within offices, it’s thought to increase creativity and productivity. How you ask? Increased sunlight raises vitamin D levels in our bodies, increasing energy levels and enhancing your mood. This design type also usually includes large, open workspaces where there’s room for employees to stretch their legs – therefore encouraging exercise. 

natural room biophilic vibes
Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels
house plants - biophilic design
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

In your home, houseplants are an easy first step to increasing the biophilic properties of your decor. As an added bonus, plants naturally purify the air around you.

earthy modern living room
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Another way to add biophilia to your home is using natural elements, such as stone and wood. Raw-edge wood is an easy way to get maximum impact in making a space feel more natural. Using a natural stone for flooring is a way to add earthy qualities to your area – even the subtlest natural choices change the entire look and feel of a space.

Adding patterns and shapes that mimic nature – such as floral or foliage on your wallpaper or a natural edged tile for your backsplash.

Light up the Space
boho natural lighting - biophilic design
Photo by Sarah O'Shea from Pexels
schulte wellness light fixture
Designed by Julie Werling, Revival Design Studio, for Schulte Wellness.

Lighting is a big piece of Biophilic Design. Play with your natural lighting and windows. Use room dividers that allow light to pass through. Hang sheer curtains in communal spaces or natural wood roman blinds. If there are ways to maximize your house’s natural lighting, take advantage of that. You can also add natural-inspired design elements into your light fixtures – organic curves and shapes that seem to grow out of their bases.

Natural Art
nature inspired art
Photo by Inga Seliverstova

Nature-inspired art or living walls are another way to update your natural home. If you’re interested in living walls, moss walls are a more accessible option because they are easier to maintain, there’s not much water drainage, and need little to no light. Green walls such as this help to reduce noise + are natural insulators.

schulte wellness moss wall close up
Designed by Julie Werling, Revival Design Studio, for Schulte Wellness.

“Getting to know Dr. Schulte’s passion for healthy living led to incorporating a living moss wall into the heart of her new space. The fluid design, incorporating different textures and types of green moss with warm wood tones, all lends itself to your peaceful experience within the area. The Schulte Wellness building is nestled into a serine property, offering privacy and seclusion within a growing community. Large windows throughout the building offer views of nature from within, helping to keep stress levels low so you can focus on your wellness.”

Julie Werling, Environmental Designer – Revival Design Collective

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