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Importance of Business Signage

Schulte Wellness Signage
Schulte Wellness + ReU Juicery Exterior Signage

Although the world is progressing towards more + more digital advertising, brick-and-mortar businesses must still rely on physical signage to entice their customers into their stores. Signage is one of the most critical marketing strategies for local companies. Good signage can help build your brand, put your message in front of customers daily, inform who you are and what you do, and relay information about products and services. Just like with online branding and advertising, you should be aware of a few vital signage considerations.

Local Signage Laws

When thinking about your business signage, be sure to consider local laws. Each city has its requirements when approving signage. Revival has a trained staff to help you “decode” your city’s signage ordinance. Your local municipality may require your signage under specific square footage relative to the lineal foot of your business frontage. Not sure how to calculate that? We can help!

Revival team member, Cally Lange

Cally Lange

CEO + Principal Architect

Revival team member, Stephanie Leistenschneider

Stephanie Leistenschneider

Production Design Associate

Revival team member, Grace Link

Grace Link

Project Manager

Signage Location

It’s one of the essential parts of your business storefront. It is your name- it needs to be easy to read + reflect your brand. The passersby will begin to know who you are and what you have to offer and will likely become your local customers. Your business signs are among the most important elements of visual communication. 

Potential and current customers need to see your signage driving down the street, walking by on the sidewalk, and looking straight at your building. This can be accomplished through window graphics, protruding signs + marquee signs. 

Window Graphic Signage
ReU Juicery Window Graphic
Protruding Signage
The Anchor Protruding Sign

Keep in mind what your business looks like in the dead of night. Lighting up your signage is the most effective way to draw attention to your business when it is closed. The bright lights can catch the attention of potential customers who may have glossed over your building during the daytime. 

Lit Marquee Signage
600 Downtown Lit Marquee Sign
Signage Size

The overall size of your business signage is not as important as the size of the message. Sometimes a too large sign can be distracting and take away from the message you are trying to convey. However, too small, and you risk no one seeing the signage. 

The size of your signage relates to your local municipal laws. Some cities restrict the sizing of business signage. In addition to local rules, you must also consider federal regulations on signage sizing. The size of the sign causes people to read your entire message or pass by without knowing who you and your business are.

Business signage is as important as a website because it tells people what your business is and where you are. It is a tool for companies to use for advertising and branding to generate new customers and referrals. When a building has appropriately placed signs, you tend to have a better experience— especially as a first-time customer. But when a business isn’t clearly marked, and you are left feeling lost and confused—your customers will notice too.

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