Internships or Job Shadow - Revival Design Collective
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internship / job shadow

Internship | full-time, entry-level

Job Shadow | free-unpaid, 3 hour experience

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As a team, we understand how important choosing a career path is. Revival offers amazing, short-term internship opportunities that allow you to validate your interest in the industry by getting first hand experience and test driving what you have learned.

We’ve designed our internship program to provide the ability to work with different members of our team, allowing you to fully experience the broad spectrum of jobs within the industry. This unique opportunity enables you to gain experience, explore the different paths within the fields of design and architecture, and most of all… give you the opportunity to best choose your career path moving forward. 

We work hard, collaborate constantly, support each other, and have a whole lot of fun.


Interested or passionate about the design world? Want to see how our architects and designers work together to bring spaces and brands to life? Revival Design Collective offers you the chance to “try out” a field or observe our company’s culture without the long-term commitmenthelping you clarify your career interest and goals. Our 3 hour experience is designed to offer you a chance to explore your career(s) of interest and provide opportunities for you to build professional relationships with people in your desired field.

You may get to witness our architects, designers, brand experts or marketeers hard at work, participating in client meetings, or completing every-day tasks as they guide and answers any inquiries you may have. 

let’s get to the


what you bring to the table


  • A strong interest and path started in your preferred industry and career, in either architecture, interior design, graphic design, or marketing 
  • Experience and capabilities that allows you to share insights and expand upon your current skillset
  • A growth mindset and willingness to jump into multiple types of projects
  • Good communicator and willing to provide feedback and ask questions that enhance your experience
  • Available for a short-term section of time (fall or spring semester) to intern alongside our team at Revival


  • An interest in pursuing a career in architecture, interior design, graphic design or marketing
  • A free morning or afternoon to spend with our professionals
  • Questions about Revival, specific aspects of the industry, company, or position you want to learn about (i.e. day-to-day activities, typical schedule, workplace culture, work-life balance, advancement opportunities, required skills, etc.)
  • Good communicator and willing to provide feedback and ask questions that enhance your experience

responsibilities & skills


  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Professionalism and attention to details
  • Ability to manage one’s time and tasks to adhere to required project schedules


  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Come prepared with well-thought out questions about company, culture, career of interest, etc.
  • Adequate note-taking skills

what you will accomplish


  • Get a feel for the work environment and culture
  • Sharpen what you’ve learned in class and understand how to apply it in real-world scenarios
  • Learn important real-life skills within your field that your professors aren’t necessarily teaching
  • Identify and learn programs and tools that are relevant in your industry
  • Ability to say how you were able to make an impact with real-world projects
  • Gain a fast-paced agency experience


  • Increase awareness of necessary skills for the desired career
  • Understanding connections between schools and careers
  • Develop interactive and communication skills and professionalism
  • Get a feel for the work environment and culture



  • You are in charge of any paperwork and signatures needed for school credit
  • You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the studio


  • You are responsible for you own transportation to and from the studio


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