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A brick-and-mortar cookie and ice cream shop arises in a beautiful downtown building bringing a girls childhood baking dreams to life. Filling the downtown with the aroma of baked goods developed with premium ingredients in a bright and lively space.
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an eye for freshness turned into a sweet spot.

The aroma of small-batch baked goods, developed with premium ingredients, fills the space in this soon-to-be downtown destination Cookie & Ice Cream Shop.


Cookie Shop Dining Experience Rendering




Coming Summer 2023



Cally Lange
Valerie Post

Cookies & Ice Cream | Ohio


Having begun baking as a little girl with her grandma, the owner of this cookie shop had dreams of creating baked goods of the same caliber. During the pandemic, her commute lessened, allowing her more time to perfect her cookie recipes. With encouragement from friends and coworkers, this entrepreneur started her shop out of her home and made her cookies available to everyone. Two years later, she is opening a brick-and-mortar store in a beautiful historic downtown building.


Her small-batch baked goods, developed with premium ingredients — locally sourced whenever possible — weigh in right around a quarter of a pound. All ingredients are things this maker is comfortable feeding her own family — local honey, pure vanilla, unbleached flour, and farm-fresh eggs. If you’ve got an eye for thick, soft, delicious cookies you’re in the right place.


When you have an owner as exciting and unique as this Cookie & Ice Cream shop, the design comes as a natural overflow. She has a creativity and passion for her cookies and ice cream that makes her product stand out in the dessert marketnot only shining through her work but in the interior design and structure of the shop. 


designing a sweet structure


As the schematic design phase began, Revival took special considerations to design choices to uphold the historic values of the building that housed the Cookie & Ice Cream Shop. We had to work within the existing footprint without moving interior partition walls and retain as much of the existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as possible, in order to preserve the historic integrity of the space and keep project costs down.

Cookie Shop historical structure Rendering


feeling the heat


These soaring fourteen-foot ceilings were a blessing but posed some challenges for the Revival team. With a third of the space dedicated to baking cookies, the rising heat became a concern in the narrow tenant space. The heat needed to be circulated and exhausted properly to ensure the comfort of the employees and customers. Our team collaborated with consultants to find a solution and keep the space comfortable. The key to a well-functioning kitchen lies in the layout. We had to get creative with equipment selections, layouts, and storage solutions within the small existing footprint. It became a puzzle — trying to find the right combination that achieved peak functionality.


Often met with high ceilings in historic structures, the volume is architecturally spectacular. However, these climbing ceilings created a sound chamber of echos within the long, narrow space. A large cluster of pendants, decorated with colorful fabric drum shades — varying in size — bring a whimsical and noise-reducing solution to the high-volume space.

Cookie Shop Ordering Displays Rendering
Cookie Shop Archway Interiors Renderings
Cookie Shop Retail Space Renderings

eggcelent interiors


Having an energetic owner who serves fresh, playful cookies and has a funky mid-century mod style created the perfect design trifecta. Our design team pushed the envelope with interior design — featuring fun colors, patterns, and a plethora of personalities. We focused on ensuring this shop became a downtown destination, even though it resides on a quiet side street off of an active Main Street. 


Ice cream, cookies, and little kid hands are sticky. Our team worked to ensure ease in the cleanability of finishes — that everything was easy to wipe and mop up. With tile on the flooring throughout the space and wall tile in select areas, we created a space where the team could spend less time cleaning and more time creating. 


funky and functional


Diving into the quirky while remaining practical, our team collaborated almost daily with the owner to ensure compliance with health department regulations. Finding the perfect layout in the point-of-sale area proved to be a challenge. We had to comply with health department regulations, selecting the right refrigeration equipment and sinks — positioning them in the most effective layout for ease of use and efficiency. The product storage and display took thoughtful curation from the Revival team to ensure the solution was equal parts funky and functional.


The point-of-sale display case sits low to the ground with glass running almost to the floor — perfect for little eyes to choose their treats when visiting. Focused on durability and cleanability, this high traffic area features solid surface counters and thick display glass, decorated with a drip detail on the face of the counter, resembling melting ice cream. Along with functionality, the point-of-sale counter perfectly displays the product and fits into the motif of the shop with its clean lines and clear visibility. It features the reason any of us are there — the delicious, unique, and memorable treats.

Cookie Shop full dining space view rendering

scrumptious signage


The Cookie & Ice Cream Shop lives on a quiet side street. Our goal was to make light, color, and vibrancy pour out of the storefront at night — beckoning people in for a decedent dessert option, over-the-top milkshake, or a quarter-pound, gooey cookie. In the newly restored transom windows are LED neon lights reading ‘Enjoy Life Eat Cookies,’ lighting up the storefront throughout the night.




This downtown delicacy is fresh out of the oven ready to become the next destination for tasty treats. We believe this vibrant shop owner has made her grandma proud.

Cookie Shop Signage Renderings

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