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planting roots and transforming communities.

Breathing life back into communities that are in need, demand, and hungry for revitalization, the Goodstock Homes brand displays an all-inclusive and vibrant identity to help spread their message with ease.


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Kendra Schemmel
Kelsi Nellis
Valerie Post

Goodstock Homes | Development Group


With many rural communities across the United States in decline, there was a growing need for Goodstock Homes. Giving back and investing in the communities they care so much about and have fond memories of, is a vital part of their mission. They knew that the community was ready and hungry for new development and an increase in the availability of cost-effective housing.




The brand was built off the desire to improve the quality of life for residents, communities, and the planet by choosing to build with materials that are made to last. Having the ultimate goal of bringing these rural communities back to life with a focus on sustainability, the Goodstock brand needed a visual identity fit for spreading their message with ease. 

goodstock homes_brand identity



rooted in sustainability


Visual Identity

Goodstock needed a solid brand — demonstrating the strength of the roots in small communities and the desire to encourage and be a lively addition to those roots. Our designers refined the logo suite, typography, and visual identity, lead by the mission and heart of the Goodstock Homes Brand. 


The responsive logo suite was built from two core elements that reflect Goodstock’s vision of sustainability and housing. In order to achieve this we created an enclosed linear house structure that intertwines a leaf element. The two combined allow the logo mark to be able to stand alone from the signature and express that sustainability and the internal growth of communities are at the core structure of our homes. When paired with the sans-serif signature the simplicity, clean structure, and attention to detail values of the brand can be seen.

colors of revitalization


When picking out colors for Goodstock it was important to select ones that not only evoked lively and motivating emotions but also embellished upon the sustainable and community-focused factors at play. The palette strongly builds off the distinctive color scheme of natural environments including pine green tones, sky blues, earthy reds, and yellows. 


These colors together help with brand recognition and offer consistency through marketing materials. With green being at the core of the color palette, it emphasizes the growth, harmony, and balance Goodstock Homes strives toward building the sustainability and revitalization of the communities it impacts. The blues reflect the calm, trustworthy workflow and action the company takes with each project. The red-orange expresses the energy, love, and ambition Goodstock has in breathing life back into these rural communities and igniting ever-lasting change within. The yellow hues were added to reflect the overwhelming positivity and confidence Goodstock pours into each home and community. Bringing a sense of youth back into the environment and igniting emotions of positivity and pride in future growth.

With a brand so influential within rural communities we needed to create a pattern that was memorable, lively, versatile, and reflected the building blocks and various elements required to bring these projects to life.


At the base of the pattern is a grid reflecting aspects of the aerial and linear structured characteristics of blueprints all in one. Within the grid-based pattern structure is a combination of geometric and organic shapes that work together in an abstract way to build visual elements reflecting home structures, community, and plants. The structured yet fluidity of these linear elements works together to represent how coming together as one will allow these communities to build up the roots of these communities and the livelihood and movement that will be brought back to the culture again. These were correlated together to show how we need to work together as one to slowly build these communities back up. The addition of color also enables the emotions of hope, positivity, life, and pride to shine through.


The pattern is adaptable to be used in minimal (linear structure) or maximal (full-color or partially colored) aspects. This flexibility and multi-use characteristic follows along with how Goodstock contributes and communicates within each community by providing services that will 1. have an influence 2. serve their community in a positive manner and 3. allow & inspire them to continue to grow.



Weaving through the Goodstock Homes brand identity is the iconography that uses fluid movement to reference back to the logomark, and symbolize attributes available within each home created. They are the storytellers of the brand — allowing users to visualize the amenities provided in each space.

AIA Film Challenge

A Rural Revival: Resiliency in Small Town Ohio

Middle Point, OH, is in a little bit of what we would consider a decline, similar to what we currently see in many rural communities across the United States. Therefore, looking at potential properties for our new rural sustainable development projects seemed like a natural fit. It was essential to give back and invest in this community we care about, seeing as Revival + Goodstock have strong ties to Middle Point. The need and demand are here — at last look, only two homes were for sale for the entire community within the zip code of 45863. We knew the community was ready and hungry for the renewal + development of available cost-effective homes – using sustainable design to lower cost of ownership. Our ultimate goal is to bring these rural communities, like Middle Point, back to life. We want to see them vibrant + busy. We want to see the pride of ownership while moving through the village. Breathing new life into these rural communities and watching them flourish, and bringing these memories back into space excites us. Middle Point…is simply just the beginning.


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