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Utilizing intentional and high-quality materials to marry the transition between Randall Bearings' manufacturing facility and the health-centered office spaces.
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transitioning seamlessly from a manufacturing facility to a secure office environment.

Utilizing intentional and high-quality materials to marry the transition between Randall Bearings’ manufacturing facility and workplace settings.


randall bearings - open office space


7,165 SF






Cally Lange
Julie Werling
Stephanie Leistenschneider

Randall Bearings | Lima, Ohio


Randall Bearings is a state-of-the-art machining facility, manufacturing custom machine parts in the aerospace, agriculture, and heavy equipment industries. We laid plans for an office space that brings clean lines, natural materials, and organization to the face of their existing manufacturing facility through handling the architectural design, interior design, furniture layouts & finish selections, construction administration, window treatments, exterior signage, and MEP coordination.




Since 1906, Randall Bearings has been committed to excellence in technology, production, quality control, and customer support. Our team was tasked with creating a controlled access office space to attach to their existing manufacturing facility, upholding their high standard of care and workplace settings. There was a need for privacy and security while maintaining a clean and bright environment that supported the openness and well-being of those who worked inside. 

randall bearings historical timeline


The entrance lobby includes a controlled access point that incorporates interior storefront glass, adding a visual connection to the open office space and with added security. Natural light floods the lobby from the large exterior windows, filling the spacious ceilings.  To overcome the bouncing acoustics, our team integrated linear sound-dampening baffles into the light fixtures, which seconded as statement design elements. 

randall bearings entrance lobby

open workspace

Past the controlled access point, employees are greeted with a large open office space with low partitions that float in the middle of the space. These partitions separate the individual desks, maintaining that coworkers can collaborate with each other effectively, and enjoy the natural sunlight shining in through the massive windows. Expansive, light-filled acoustical clouds hang above the cluster of desks, creating visual depth while absorbing sound


Private offices and meeting areas are distinguished by interior storefront glass, with one-third of the glass frosted — adding extra seclusion. Within the large conference room, the acoustic baffles were created to be a show-stopper and are one of the clients’ favorite design elements within the space. Along with the conference room, coordinating baffles are incorporated into the lobby and cafe areas in unique patterns


The employee cafe is incorporated into the open floor plan of the main office space, nestled into the back corner of the room. This area is equipped with a kitchenette, a water bottle filling station, and a large dining table that reinforces Randall Bearing’s focus on community. Another wellness consideration was the addition of plants in the conference room, throughout the office spaces, and in the lobby. Paired with the soaring windows, these enhance biophilia and emphasize workplace wellness.

We incorporated Randall Bearings’ brand colors into the space by bringing in red with the private office guest chairs and in soft selections that sit toward the front of the open office space. Yellow accents were added to the conference room chair seats, along with the bold yellow pop brought into the teammember cafe. Modern blue adorns the chairs in the lobby, creating a welcoming, fresh seating area upon arrival into the space. The monochromatic base palette of whites, grays, blacks, and dark bronze used throughout the space builds a foundation of serenity for employee enrichment during their work day

randall bearings branded workspace interiors

testing durability

Concrete, metal, and glass are the core materials used throughout the building. Concrete flooring was a necessity with the transition from manufacturing plant to office space. Our team worked with contractors, Hume Supply, to examine three finish options and do test pours to finalize the perfect selection for Randall Bearings. We needed to use materials that could withstand the transitions between the office and manufacturing plant — having durability and longevity — to represent a thriving brand with a long history of manufacturing.

randall bearings conference room glass divider


Deeply collaborative and thoughtfully designed, the elements of community and employee wellness are displayed throughout this minimal office addition. With a long history, rich in tradition, and a thriving business throughout the years, Randall Bearings has created a space that respects its roots and manufactures its way into the future

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