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a brand where purity and authenticity are their edge.

Holistic Health Coach & Founder, Amber Sowers, consciously crafted a brand that encompassed her growing, health-focused business.








Valerie Post
Kendra Schemmel

ReU Juicery | Tipp City, Ohio


ReU Juicery is an environmentally conscious business, that provides the highest quality of products to its customers. They provide local communities with the purest cold-pressed juices using fruits and vegetables with no processed sugar. From their previous marketing materials, you wouldn’t have gathered that. Their monochromatic color palette and simplistic designs didn’t represent the abundance of color and organic ingredients that go into their products and didn’t represent the vibrancy of their mission. Revival infused these ideas throughout ReU Juicery’s brand expansion, creating a vibrant and fruitful image that excites and speaks to its holistic roots.




the future of health


The identity and strategy work done by Revival Design Collective produced, informed, and enlivened a health brand through intentional, natural, and clean but inviting elements. This brand expansion helped capture the freshness of their mission and define the company’s overarching plan to encourage health for all.


making healthy fun


Over the course of Amber’s first years of business in Troy, Ohio, the freshness and pureness of ReU Juicery’s product had become the talk of the town. As the desire for her service increased, the path ahead became clear: to not only expand into a second location that we helped design, but also to invest in reinventing her brand to better reflect the fun and liveliness health can bring to you. With this knowledge, it was clear to both ReU Juicery and Revival Design Collective that keeping a timeless brand while adding that special pop to set them apart was the primary goal.


the new face of healthy cleansing


Since the brands’ needs had risen from just signage, Amber decided it was time to expand and solidify the brand beyond their previously created logo set. With their product line including a wide range of health-focused products, from juice to toasties”, (all of which are often falsely advertised as “healthy” in the food industry) they wanted to focus on transparency — displaying the truly clean ingredients and nutritional value in a fresh, approachable, and trustworthy manner.


Logo Expansion

The Juicery came to our team with only one logo – a horizontal option that didn’t always fit every space the best. Brand recognition is the first advantage of logo variation. The more a logo is used in different settings, while retaining the brand’s core design elements, the quicker consumers will come to recognize it. To fill this void, our designers developed a vertical lock-up for the ReU Juicery Brand, to work in applications where the horizontal lock-up doesn’t provide the best brand awareness, or just didn’t fit quite right. 

ReU Juicery logo expansion and clearspace

Custom Colors

We began by defining a set of fresh and lively secondary colors to coordinate with their clean and modern base contrast color of matte black. By keeping the primary palette neutral, the secondary palette allowed the purity of the ingredients to become the focal point, and express their values — representing a liveliness that healthy eating unlocks.

ReU Juicery color palettes

Visual System

With the brand’s core identity system basics now in place — the set and consistent use of logos, colors, and typography — we decided to nurture and grow the ReU Juicery’s brand further through branded graphics.


This collection of graphics, alongside their set imagery aesthetics, helps Reu Juicery create a cohesive mood and style — clarifying their promise and defining their core message and personality to their specific audience.



The brand visuals that Revival designed leveraged the use of patterns and linear structure to signify the consistent habits it takes to live a healthier lifestyle. 


The produce iconography was designed in a linear nature to represent how our current health industries ride on a “fine line” but ReU Juicery’s aims to connect the lines and make being healthy easy and clear again for its clients. The variety of produce shown in this pattern was used to represent the wide range of food groups it takes to achieve overall health and to fuel and cleanse your brain and body properly. Lastly, the see-through stylization of this pattern was designed to reflect ReU Juicery’s core mission of providing transparency to its clients.


We also designed a minimal-use liquid-styled illustration to demonstrate the fluid and natural characteristics of their fresh products and service. The brand’s bright and bold color palette was also utilized to reflect the lively emotion brought back to the mind and body as the products flush out the toxins and replenish it with pure and healthy nutrients and minerals.

ReU Juicerys' Brand Iconography & Illustration graphic
branded cups with illustration graphic

Design Elements

Now that ReU Juicery has a mission-focused brand identity system with supportive visual elements to drive its values and message, it can lead toward a long-term vision of brand cohesiveness and prosperity. Driving circular purpose and forming stronger relationships and experiences as it expands across various platforms, marketing, and collateral materials. 


Real quality you can see and feel.


With the Juicerys’ demand for expansion, and their delivery services becoming more frequent, a revamp on their van was at the forefront of our minds. No need to hide behind a plain delivery vehicle our gloss-on-matte, tonal design lets a bold pattern of their ingredients shine through, representing the simple purity of their fresh and vibrant product with a sleek and modern finish.


To keep the store running smoothly, our team designed and coordinated a clean, functional, and movable menu board that seconds as storage covers. The Juicery team can swiftly move the menu boards around to reach ingredients on the shelves behind. The sleek design of the piece allows for the menu to be interchangeable, to showcase new and rotating products as the seasons pass and the ReU Juicery brand grows.

reu juicery menu sticker design



an expanded brand embarks


Nearing the completion of their second location, the outcome speaks for itself. All told, the new palette, media, signage, and advertising opened up creativity to this holistic health brand. And for a brand where purity and authenticity is their edge, realness must come through on every side: from what you see, to what you taste and how it makes you feel.

reu juicery carrying case design
reu juicery deli paper branding materials

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