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The Ease of Workplace Recycling

Revival’s Design Associate, Alana Kunkler, has taken the initiative to set up a workplace recycling center here at our studio. Take the guesswork out of starting or improving your workplace by reading her guide to workplace recycling.

Begin your Research

The easiest way to begin recycling in your workplace is to do some research. Contact your local centers and ask what they can provide for you. If your local municipality doesn’t have a recycling center, see if they can provide you with other local businesses or organizations that may be able to provide what your workplace needs.

Some questions to ask the provider are:

      1. Do you provide curbside pick up?
      2. What are your fees?
      3. Does your company supply the bins?
      4. How often can our bins be emptied?
      5. How many bins would our business need?
Get a Survey

Our friends at Auglaize County Recycling Center sent a representative out to our office to complete a survey of our workplace. They took inventory of the items we were routinely tossing in the trash and gave us information on what services they could provide us with.

After the survey, they were able to tell us:
      1. How many different bins would be useful for our business.
      2. If we would need a dumpster for our cardboard disposal.
      3. How often they thought we would need their curbside service.
      4. What items they could pick up separately from our traditional recycling, such as ink cartridges and electronic items

See if your local recycling center can make the trip to your business to give you information on how they can best serve your workplace needs.

Get your Neighbors Involved

Work together with neighboring businesses to get more people on board with recycling. Instead of each business opting for separate bins, go in together to utilize the same bins or dumpsters located behind the businesses to promote workplace recycling as a community.

For more information about how you can integrate recycling into your workplace, contact your local recycling center.

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